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The event that stole my heart: it took place at a mansion in the hills of Riverside. A gigantic white estate with lush grounds, green hedges and bridesmaids wearing a shade of pale pink familiar to 2017. Beautiful blush roses lined the entryway with a sweet scent that filled up the outdoor ceremony space. A string quartet played as guest found their seats.  I wore a cream dress with an empire waist, bright red and coral roses printed on the bottom half of it. My hair, half up with dangly earrings and kitten heals that slipped off my feet a time or two. I was exhilarated by the nervous energy and anticipation by guests and the bridal party alike as the ceremony began waiting for the bride to make her big reveal. A handwritten place card with my name on it was placed at my seat and the orchestration of the food service to such a large group was like a dance. The rhythm of the music that got people out of their chairs to join the dance floor, it was magic.  Although, I was not in the wedding that day, I discovered a passion for the details that make an event all those years ago stand out like it was just yesterday.  

As I grew up, I discovered I was made to design experiences that captured the details, from creating product launches and corporate retreats for executives to planning baby showers, weddings and social luncheons. Designing the guests experience is more than just pretty florals that complement the room, it is anticipating your guests needs before they need it. It’s imagining things hanging from the ceiling when just a blank space is laid in front of you. It is simply the way you make your guests feel that create lasting memories.  


I created Everything But the Reason to help you imagine the full picture of your desired experience and bring it to life with full-service event planning, floral design and event styling paired with flawless execution. Here I call it: logistics made pretty!

Corporate or social, people long for experiences that will stay with them. Anyone can throw a party, but it is the thoughtfulness, personalization and emotion that make an experience.


The small details

The smallest details change everything, and often get missed when juggling vendors that don't see the full picture. EBR is here to help supporting you when you have competing priorities! Kick out the stress and let us do the rest.

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