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2023 Weddings Trends to Avoid: Say No to These Tired Ideas

Wedding planning is an exciting time, but wedding after wedding with the same look gets boring and lacks the personal touch people long for; to know you both as a couple coming together. Here are a few you will be seeing a lot less of in 2023:

Over-the-Top Themes - From fairytale-inspired weddings to futuristic celebrations, over-the-top themes are starting to feel dated. If you want a timeless wedding, stick to classic, understated decor.

All-White Color Schemes - All-white weddings may have been popular in the past, but they're starting to feel boring and uninspired. Instead, consider incorporating pops of color or muted pastels for a more interesting and modern look.

Harsh Lighting - Bright and overly lit weddings can make for a less-than-romantic atmosphere. Instead, opt for warm, soft lighting that creates a cozy and intimate vibe.

Stiff Formality - Formal, sit-down dinners and stuffy ceremonies are a thing of the past. opt for more relaxed, casual celebrations that allow guests to mingle and enjoy themselves.

Overpriced Favors - Wedding favors are a nice touch, but they don't need to break the bank. Rather than spending a fortune on fancy trinkets, consider opting for simple, inexpensive items that are eatable. It’s a small touch to say thank you.

Eucalyptus greenery had a nice run, but couples are opting for darker and airy greens for this year.

Giant bridal bouquets are being swapped with smaller more

In conclusion, these 2023 wedding trends are best avoided if you want a wedding that is both stylish and memorable. Whether you prefer classic, timeless details or a more relaxed, casual vibe, the important thing is to make your wedding day truly your own.


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