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Save the Date!

A save the date card is an important aspect of planning a wedding, as it ensures that your guests are aware of the date and location of your special day well in advance. While it may seem like a simple social media post would suffice, there are several reasons why a physical save the date card is still important in today's digital age.

First and foremost, a save the date card serves as a tangible reminder of your upcoming wedding. With the constant influx of information and distractions in our daily lives, it can be easy for important dates to slip through the cracks. A physical card, however, can be displayed on a fridge, bulletin board, or in a special keepsake box, serving as a constant reminder of the upcoming event.

Additionally, a save the date card allows you to set the tone and theme of your wedding before the invitation is even sent out. This can be especially important if you are having a destination wedding or a themed wedding, as it can give your guests a chance to start planning and saving for the event. You can incorporate a digital element by asking them to confirm if they are planning to attend via a website that can track your guests and dietary restrictions.

Furthermore, a save the date card is also a great opportunity for personalization. You can include a photo of yourself and your partner, a special message, or even a small gift to make the card even more special.

Save the date cards also have a greater reach. Not everyone is on social media and many people have social media accounts only for business or event related activities. Save the date cards can be sent to the whole guest list, including those who are not on social media.

Another important aspect to consider is that some guests may not check their social media accounts regularly, or may miss the save the date post amidst the constant stream of updates and notifications. A physical card, on the other hand, will likely be opened and read as soon as it is received.

If you do decide that digital is more your speed or your simply need to collect addresses of your future wedding invites, make your site work for you by collecting the information your need for paper invitations.

In conclusion, while a social media post may seem like a convenient and easy way to inform your guests of your wedding date, a physical save the date card is still an important aspect of planning a wedding. It serves as a tangible reminder, sets the tone and theme of your wedding, allows for personalization, reaches a larger audience, and serves as a special keepsake for your guests.


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